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Certificate Course In Bakery & Confectionery

Course Objective
To acquaint students with commercial bakery products and enable them to be successful bakery entrepreneurs.

Special Features of the course
Introduction of students to commercial range of bakery products.
Enable them to be successful bakery entrepreneur.
10th Pass
Admission Process for Indian and foreign student
Registration on the basis of fulfillment of eligibility criteria.
Faculty for Certificate Course in Bakery & Confectionery programme
1. Dr. Suvarna Sathe
Vanilla Buns, Orange Muffins, Sponge Cake, Swiss Roll, Rich Fruit Cake, Shortcrust Pastry, Jam Tarts, Bread Rolls, Nankhatai, Brown Bread, Fried Doughnuts, Shrewbury Biscuits, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Swedish Slices, Cheese Straws,Flaky Patry, Danish Pastry, Choux Pastry, Golden Goodies, Melting Moments, Cherry Knobs, Cinnamon Leaves And Cresents, Tricolour Biscuits, Swiss Tarts, Strawberry Cream Fingers, Chocolate Cream Fingers, Butter Buttons, Coconut Macaroons, Pizza, Pizza Sauce, Burger Buns / Hot Dog Rolls, Hot Cross Buns / Dinner Rolls,Bread Rolls, Sugar Paste (Gum Paste)
Fee Structure (In Rupees)
Total Fees
Laboratory /
Library Fee
Fee for Foreign Students: 3 Times of Total Fee.
Fee for Out of Maharashtra Students: 3 Times Eligibility Fee.
(Fees applicable for current academic year.)
Opportunities at exit point
• Reputed bakery-manufacturing units.
• Starting an individual bakery unit.