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Reference Books Exibition 12 Aug 2013

About the Library
The Library is considered as an integral part in the academic activities of the Vidyapeeth. It has a collection of more than 80,000 books 234 periodicals (national & international) in subjects including Social Sciences, Sanskrit Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Indology, Ayurveda, Management, Biotechnology, Education, Library Science, and Engineering etc. The Library provides services to all the users of this Vidyapeeth. It also has a rich collection of 2000 manuscripts. The library is equipped with INFLIBNET facilities. The Library is automated with SLIM 21 software has also has a Web OPAC facility.

Library Layout
The library is located on two floors:-
• Stack room, Circulation section : 1st floor
• Reading hall, Periodicals section & Internet facility : 2nd floor

Working Hours
Reading Hall
Monday – Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday – Saturday 9:30am to 7:00 pm
The Library remains closed on 2nd & 4th Saturday and on University Holidays.

The library provides the following services:

Circulation -
Each student is given 2 cards for issue of books & periodicals.

Current Awareness Service (C. A. S.).

The CAS is accessible to the users through the Web Open Access Catalogue (OPAC) facility.

Reprographic Service -
The photocopying facilities are available in the library for the users from 10 am to 5.00pm.

Display of New Arrivals -
The new arrivals are displayed in the open rack kept at the circulation counter.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)
The users can have an access to the ILL facility of many prestigious Libraries like BCL, MCCIA etc.

Lending Facilities
Membership is provided to the students, staff and faculties of the Vidyapeeth.
Also other membership prevails with the prior permission of the librarian and at a minimal charge of Rs.750/- only.

Entitlement Period


2 books 10 days

Back issue of periodical 5 days


5 books 90 days

Back issue of periodical 10 days

Visiting Faculties

2 books 10 days


2 books 30 days

Collection and Resources
The library collection consists of books, textbooks reference books, back volumes of periodicals, e-journals, online database, CDs, Audio Cassettes which are in open access.

Books are arranged according to colon classification scheme for easy access. The users through the Web OPAC facility can easily access the location and status of the books.

Display of New Books
New books are displayed on every Monday for a period of One week in an open rack at the circulation counter and can be borrowed after the expiry period.

Reference Book Collections
Reference books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, rare & costly books which can be referred only in the reading room.

Current Periodicals
The library subscribes to over 234 periodicals (national / international) arranged subject wise in the reading hall. No current periodical or newspaper can be taken outside the library.

Back Volumes of Periodicals
The back volumes of periodicals are kept at the periodical section which can issued outside the library.

Rare Books and Manuscripts* Collection :

Rare books and manuscripts' collection is the special feature of this library. Well known Sanskrit's and learned scholars have donated their personal collections to the library with the faith that the books and manuscripts would certainly help in enhancing the knowledge of learners and researchers. Some of the important and noteworthy collections include :-

. Setu Madhavrao Pagdi Collection.

. Pandit Babrekar Shastri Manuscripts Collection.

. V.V.Gokhale Collection of Tibetan Manuscripts.

. Prof. C.G.Kashikar Collection.

. Prof. A.R.Kulkarni Collection.

. Kesari Collection.

. C.V.Mone Collection.

. P.R.Kelkar Collection.